Designed for professional industrial painters

Qualification Description

This course is designed for professional industrial painters who use protective coatings, are required to work to specification, and work in a blast yard in the manufacturing, mining or shipping industry. This occupation is listed on the National Skills Priority List.

Lessons are streamed direct to the student, either on, or off the work-site. Activities and knowledge assessment is undertaken on-line.

Practical activities and assessment will occur in the workplace.

How much does this course cost?

Experienced workers: RPL and gap training: $4,950

Traineeship: $9,900 over 2.5 years

There is a minimum enrolment fee of $1,500, and payment plans are available.

Best Option Training cannot accept more than $1,500 as a deposit.


Funding is available to workers aged over 40 who are currently employed and wanting to upgrade their skills, and who are Australian residents. This funding can be accessed through the Skills Checkpoint program.

How long will it take to complete this course?

RPL: 3 months to submit all evidence.

Training: One month per unit to maximum of 30 months.

Theory to be completed on-line (Practical to be completed on job-site).

Unit Codes

To achieve this qualification, the candidate must demonstrate competency in

Core Units

MEM12023A Perform engineering measurements

MEM12024A Perform computations

MEM14004A Plan to undertake a routine task

MEM14005A Plan a complete activity

MEM15002A Apply quality systems

MEM15024A Apply quality procedures

MEM16006A Organise and communicate information

MEM16007A Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment

MEM16008A Interact with computing technology

MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

MSMWHS200 Work safely


MEM16005A Operate as a team member to conduct manufacturing, engineering or related activities

PMBPROD248 Prepare surfaces for coating

MEM08016B Control blast coating by-products, materials and emissions

MEM08012B Prepare surfaces by abrasive blasting (basic)

MEM08011B Prepare surfaces using solvents and/or mechanical means

MEM08007B Control surface finish production and finished product quality

MEM08014B Apply protective coatings (basic)

MEM08015B Apply protective coatings (advanced)

MEM13003B Work safely with industrial chemicals and materials

MEM11011B Undertake manual handling

MSMWHS201 Conduct hazard analysis

MEM18001C Use hand tools

MEM18002B Use power tools/hand held operations

MEM16011A Communicate with individuals and small groups

MEM07001B Perform operational maintenance of machines/equipment

MEM11016B Order materials

MEM12001B Use comparison and basic measuring devices

MEM15004B Perform inspection

MSMSUP303 Identify equipment faults

MSMOPS301 Treat corrosion

What do I get from it?

Upon successful completion participants receive a Certificate from Best Option Training for MSM30216 Certificate III in Surface Preparation and Coating Application.

What do I need to bring?

  • 100 points of identification
  • A pen
  • Closed footwear
  • High visibility shirt or vest
  • Students are required to have access to the internet and a computer with a webcam.

Minimum Entry Requirements:

Students must be able to pass literacy and numeracy test (Year 10 equivalent)

To complete this qualification you must be currently working in an industrial blast yard with access to blasting equipment, industrial two-pack epoxies, testing and quality control tools, and conventional and airless spray guns.

Applicants must also have access to a laptop or computer with a web-cam and internet connection.


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